Wednesday 10 January 2024

New Year. New House. New Plans..

New hope...?

Well, we're in the new house at last....

I now have:

A garage to convert into a workshop for, amongst other things, modelling projects (better insulation needed, and more light useful, but no major obstacles).

"The Blockhouse" (our name for it); a basic, brick-built gym/sauna at the end of the garden (currently with roof leak and UPVC door issues but nothing unfixable) which I intend to enlarge with a conservatory-type build-out and convert into a games room.

A dedicated room in the house itself with space to set up (and leave out) campaign mapping exercises/board games and in which to play small skirmishes. No extra work needed here.

If all goes to plan there will be room not only for my usual solo stuff but also for multi-player, two-location exercises on the property, and a spare room and space for friends to stay overnight; like a mini-wargames holiday centre..  

Plenty of ideas bubbling away in the brain box for upcoming gaming projects. Watch this space...

Meanwhile, for inspiration....

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