Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Battlin' The Federation....

A "Betti's Eight" Adventure...

The crew of The Figulator have heard that Professor Kleinesteine, the galactically-renowned expert on Matter Discharge, and his daughter Pebbles, have been abducted from their home laboratory by a Federation Snatch Squad and, it is thought, are on their way to the Federation base on Pictori Prime. It is essential to The Resistance that the Professor's work is not co-opted by the Federation for their own dastardly schemes. Betti has therefore decided to rescue him.

However, first the heroes have to establish IF he is indeed on the base - or if not, when he is likely to arrive - AND obtain the security schematics which will allow them full egress to all areas for the rescue mission. A scan of the base has revealed the location of the terminals which will supply the data required and an Away team allocated and briefed...

Betti herself will lead the mission, supported by Averne Koy, whose computer skills will likely be needed to obtain the data. Their resident sharpshooter Mellana Dei will also go to supply firepower support, should that prove necessary. 

The party will be accompanied (however unwillingly) by Vellani Arr-Tel, who will be dragged along to deal with any alarm or security challenges.

They cannot transport directly into any building because of the Confoundium Alloy roofing that has bee used at the base, and Betti (wisely) does not want them to materialise in front of any roving guards. They have therefore made their way to the base perimeter on foot...

[Technical Notes: Very simple rules...

All characters have a base number of Movement Points (generally allowing 3 inches walking/sneaking, five inches running, plus a 1x6D bonus) which may be applied. Actions (peeking round corners, climbing, accessing equipment, dealing with doors, going into "Overwatch" to allow reaction to enemy actions in an enemy's' move etc. etc.) cost Movement Points.

Priority of Character movement is dice based, affected by individual characteristics. Compliance with "orders" - ditto.

Shooting is based on a Skill Level  and the action engaged in or cover used by the Target.

Success on non-standard actions is based on a percentage dice throw.  

No "enemy are placed initially. There will be a 1x6D test each move for each "friendly group" - i.e. any individual/group of individuals three inches away from any other such individuals/group - which moves that move. On a result of "6" a random hostile patrol - number of enemies, distance away and direction of travel thrown for - is spotted.


An additional test is made for each room entered/peeked into.

IF nobody friendly moves in a move a single test throw is made and a "6" results in a roving patrol being spotted as above.

Each Major Character - including some Major Baddies - has at least one "Plot Point", which can be used to add speed for a move, carry out certain Actions automatically or allow the re-rolling of a dice throw. Some characters can only use their Plot Points to preserve their own lives. Others can use them to help others. Very few characters can use Plot Points to actually harm others. 

All pretty simple, bog-standard RPG-type fayre and nothing complicated.) 

The group arrive and move off. Mellana goes ahead to peek around the first corner. The room appears to be some kind of medical facility, and is unoccupied. They move on, unseen and seeing no hostiles. The first door they come to is unlocked.

Moving out into the open Averne goes into Overwatch as they slip across to the base of some kind of external access ladder leading to the first target room. So far so good; the base seems to be on Low Alert.

Averne sneaks up the ladder - no guards in the room - and to the first security panel. Vellani, grumbling, is ordered to follow her, while below Mellana goes into Overwatch and Betti keeps her eyes open while mounting the access ladder.

Next move Averne hacks into the security systems with ease and begins to access and relay the data to "The Figulator".

However, suddenly Mellana spots a patrol of Federation Guards heading her way - four of them. They haven't seen her, and seem unaware of anything untoward, but suddenly Betti spots another quartet of guards rounding a nearer corner. These, if they keep walking the way they are will see Mellana.

Betti cannot yell to warn Mellana while on the ladder in the open, for fear of alerting the guards, so scrambles into the Security Room with Averne and Vellani.

Meanwhile Averne finds that the data transfer is slower than expected [Dice dictated].  

Once in the room with the others Betti can discretely radio Mellana, warning her of the second group of guards. She also orders Vellani to check on the second security door. Mellana scuttles across to a better hiding place near the bottom of the ladder.

 Both groups of guard move nearer, but seem unaware of all the activity above them; in fact one of the patrols splits, with an individual trooper going off on his own, while the remainder seeing and making contact with their fellows [Dice decisions]. 

Up in the Security Room the data transfer is still going slowly.

On Betti's instruction Vellani forces the second (locked) door to open and.... Ooops...!! There are four Troopers in the room...

Turning to see Vellani looking at them in horror one of the Troopers presses the Alarm button. At least he is on the ball..

The result is immediate; eight troopers and the infamous Commander Travis emerge from the other building complex [Card Decision]. Things have suddenly got very complicated.... 

Vellani slams the door closed with a yelp, and locks it...

The various groups of Troopers now make [Dice controlled] decisions..

On the ground level one group of three Troopers makes for the ladder by which our heroes accessed the Security Room.

Another set of four runs for the stairs at the other end of the complex - presumably intending a pincer movement.

But they aren't the only ones moving. Three of the guards in the second Security Room, having found Vellani has jammed the door between the rooms rush out, heading for the ladder at the south end - presumably intending to cut off what they likely assume is a fleeing intruder.

Averne has now transferred all the data, and confers with Betti. Realising the jig is up, Mellana engages the nearest guards, shooting one of them down.

While Betti and Averne bicker, Vellani peers through the window between the two Security Rooms (she realy should have done that before opening the door...).

Seeing that there is only one guard in place she tells Betti and Averne - only to be told to unjam the door mechanism she has only just jammed. Again she grumbles, but succeeds; Averne getting the drop on the remaining guard as the door opens. He falls. 

Outside, Travis inspires his men to a firefight with Mellana. Another Trooper drops.

Meanwhile, on the gantry serving the two security rooms on the west side there are now seven Troopers. One group just reaches the external door - but don't have enough points left to open it. Vellani gets to the mechanism first. First act of her move is to  swiftly jam it. 

[Technical Note: The latter was a Plot Point move; Vellani generally only being allowed to use hers to preserve her own skin and sometimes being FORCED to use one due to panic. This one one of the latter.]

Betti moves to the (unlocked) external door to the first Security Room, which opens onto a balcony; peeping out at the Troopers facing off Mellana, who has taken down another Trooper, but received a wound in the exchange.

Vellani joins Betti at the door, while Averne downloads from the second terminal.

The guards on the gantry shoot at the Security Room door, but to no avail. 

Travis does the obligatory villainous shouting at Mellana to give herself up, but receives blaster fire in exchange. He leads his men in a charge...

But too late; already so ordered by Betti the wounded Mellana uses her Plot Point to be transported back to The Figulator.

Balked of his prey Travis leads his men up the ladder to Security Room One.

Suddenly, from the doorway, Betti opens fire on the Troopers on the eastern stairway. Two fall.  

Meanwhile Averne has finished the downloading and joins Betti and Vellani by the door in Security Room One.


As one, all three run out onto the balcony on the east side of the building, snap-shooting as Betti orders The Figulator to beam them up....

As the heroes transport to safety Travis can only curse in frustration, as he storms into the room behind them. They have gone...

Several Troopers lost, security compromised and nothing to show for it. The Supreme Commander will NOT be pleased...


Well, that was fast moving and fun. The narrative came together nicely and the Deus ex Machina Plot Points didn't feel like cheating (too much..). Next up; The rescue of the Professor....

As always comments and queries welcome.


  1. Great AAR, loved the 'not Blakes 7' setting. I understand the trooper figures are 20mm? Will they look odd against 15mm or 28mm figures? (I know different manufacturers ideas of scale differ somewhat). I've only got 15mm and 28mm figures at the moment, but NEED those troopers so wondering whether I'll have to start in a while new scale? Thanks.

  2. Yes, they are some of Elheim's 20mm sci-fi, so tallish and a little chunkier than some 20mm ranges. I'd say much too tall for 15-18mm and certainly too short for 28mm.

    There are some 28mm Federation Troopers on Etsy, plus some "Stargrave" on Ebay and the Crooked Dice ones. The CP ones are far too big ("heroic" 28mm, so ridiculously big).

  3. Wouldn't they need the schematics for ingress before egress?

    1. A valid question.

      However, while ingress should have been simple enough, with Vellani's skills - or even brute force - being enough to get them inside the somewhat outdated Base (the Pictori Prime site is a standard pattern Fed-Base of the TW20 type), Betti felt that a rescue party would need to have as many Escape Plan options as possible in reserve, so as to ensure safe extraction of the (possibly resistant, if his daughter's safety was compromised) Professor. She's just cautious that way.

      She particularly wanted to check if there had been some generalised local tweaking (or even special measures) which might limit these escape options. Hence the specific mention of egress...

      To my mind, what she had failed to think-through was that the advance raid would alert The Federation to the Rebels' knowledge of an intent to take the Professor to Pictori Prime - and hence the likelihood of a rescue attempt being in the offing...

      Or perhaps THAT'S what Betti wanted all along; the raid resulting in the captive Professor being diverted to the next-nearest Federation base at Melodion - which would give more opportunity for an intercept en-route by other Rebel groups. Who knows...? What often seem like "Plot Holes" are so very often actually no more than false impressions caused by knowledge gaps - or by characters keeping their hands close to their chests......


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