Thursday, 27 May 2021

Painting and modelling...

Between Games.

More very mixed displacement activity as I plan the Play Room reorganisation in my head. Projects including getting to the varnishing stage and basing for a number of "held" projects.....

Some 15mm (well, could actually be any scale) "space troopers", plus some aliens finally done.

Finished painting up some more indigenous peoples for my 1/72 "Not Sanders" campaign (HaT Nubians). Just the bases to do now.

Finally trying to get my 1/72 fantasy bods finished (these have been sitting around a couple of years), having at last found some "Hobbits" who meet my requirements.

The Caesar Adventurers are getting there (three completed 
bar the bases; to join the couple of Amazon ladies already finished),  the rest still being worked on as are the two "beardless dwarves" (on the left).

The unpainted "Hobbits" are basically Essex 15mm ("Roman camp" people and generic slingers) with some experiments with Green Stuff (still not confident when working with this) and paper/card trying to make some packs etc.

Once painted up they will look OK I think.

The bods themselves don't look too out of scale with my (possible) lady "Hobbits" either. Anyhow, maybe higher status lady hobbits ARE generally taller than the males; who knows....?

All I have to decide is what monsters/evils they will face... 

Oh, and I risked buying in some 1/72 3D prints for an ongoing sci-fi project. See how THESE paint up.

Finally, a purchase of a childhood memory to play while painting... No. I will NOT be venturing into the Monmouth
 Rebellion. Not even in 6mm.....



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    1. Thanks. I did a LOT of looking around before I plumped for trying the Essex 15mm guys. I think they'll look pretty good for this scale, once painted up. Not as stocky as some 15mms. Not as wee as others..

      I'm starting to get used to Green Stuff, but still fall back on card & brown paper here and there.


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