Friday, 29 May 2020

A Little Further...

Minor Progress.

Forgot to say: the other week I was playing around with the map terrain types and the "personality" of the various Peoples of The River..

Certain tribes will be woodland/cultivar peoples. These will be the main Player tribes.

The swamps will be the home of renegades and exiles.

The deepest forests will be the home of the Ama-Pygmy.

To the North is the land of the Great King and his feared "regiments". According to the books he can field 40,000 warriors....

The fierce, slave-raiding Islamised Bomongo in the North East are famous for their cavalry and swordsmen (non-canon, but what the hey...).

Interfering French to the North West. Nosey Germans to the South East and South West.

Still lots to on the Project but I got the Hausa Police painted up a couple of weeks back too (forgot to post?) so apart from any Bomongo cavalry, more pygmies, some more "personality" and distinctive tribal folk am pretty much nearly there for basic bods fighting bods.

Once I get the Play Table free of half-painted "ruins" I'll produce a demonstration game. Or maybe use the ruins in the game?  Who knows...

Back to work Sunday.


  1. ??? Me not know...which is rare..but what make are the bods?

  2. Now that IS unusual indeed... :)

    They're a bit of a mix, so that'll throw you.....

    The Hausa other ranks are Emhar Franco Prussian War zouaves with a paint job.

    The Maxim crews; very basic converts (basically bit of a hatchet job on the headgear) from the HaT WW1 Turkish Artillery & Machine Gun set.

    The officer far left (bit hidden) is an Italiai/Esci British officer simply with sword removed, the one in the foreground an EWM "Inter War" Middle East British Officer figure. He's a bit bulky, but he'll do..

    Sanders, in white in the centre is Esci Zulu War British legs, WW1 Airfix French Officer torso and an Esci Z.W. head, given a walking stick... He must be some 30 odd years old now... Good old UHU...


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