Friday 17 May 2019

Wrong Kind of Battle....

Interim Post..

A busy few days of kit preparing, group organising, marching and fighting for The Battle of Lewes Commemoration - and recovery from same (I am NOT getting any younger - and being selected to do single combat with King Henry was NOT in the original script...  Fun though - even if it did mean more bruises..).

This has meant little progress on the "This Ain't The Judean Revolt" project apart from doing the (simple) cards and Region card holders....

VERY simple graphics on the Location/Settlement Cards (hence can be used for other projects).

"Town Profile" with red shadows = Hostile.

"Town Profile" with red shadows and "crenelations" = Fortified Hostile.

"Town Profile" with green shadows = Friendly.

"Town Profile" with brown shadows = Neutral.

"Town Profile" with brown shadows and "smoke= Neutral in Civil Strife.


Actual fighting should start taking place shortly...


  1. Whose the guy at the

  2. Yup.... As Thomas De Poynings - who was about my age in 1264 (at the Battle of Lewes De Montford & Henry III were just shy of 60yo, so the age thang wasn't a issue for any of us).

    By rights I should have been wearing about another 1.5 to 2 stone of kit, but given the warm weather and the parade of nearly 2 miles, plus the shouting and the fighting, I felt the 2 stone of gear I had on was enough... :)


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