Saturday, 21 August 2021


...and update..

Some new arrivals (below) await painting, as do some AWI and "Year of the French" 6mm bods.

Some comments on Bennos' Forum re the last post (the Romans in the woods) have got me thinking about expanding on a long- forgotten project (pic below..). Hmmm.....

Meanwhile, I was pipped at the post re. some painted E-Bay 1/72s for Napoleonic skirmishes, so more painting to be done there.

I want to get some experiments with sci-fi and Pratchett stuff underway too...

Never enough time.. PLUS some reenactment events have started up this month - so time "lost" from gaming to sewing, repairing and polishing my armour. 

Hey, ho...  Onwards & upwards...


  1. Inspired yet again, intrigued by thoughts of discworld.

    1. Many thanks.

      I've having a couple of experiments on the "Forest table" until I pack it away, then will try a "This Ain't Ankh-Morpork" game..

      Watch this space..


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