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The Day The Regiments Came...

Protecting the Boundaries:

A quick "Not Sanders of The River" battle.
A hard fought battle between the army of The Great King and the Ochori: basically this was a "Blocking" action by the Ochori, with their allies, and a little (randomised) help from the British, to prevent the Great King's regiments penetrating  - and raiding - the District....

Simple set-up. The Great King's regiments entering from the west. a scratch force of Ochori warriors, allied levies and Forest Folk under the Ochori chief Bosambo.  The Ochori have to try to prevent 6 enemy units exiting the east of the table

Simple House Rules for movement, morale and combat. Activation of Leaders is by token draw.

Each Unit commander/Allied leader gets a token in the mix. Each general gets a token. In the case of the Great King's Army, since the general is on a high point and his army is a reasonably disciplined one, his token can "order" all units within view of him/a unit in view of him to advance as one. The Kings Army also get a Divisional Commander with his own token

Other tokens include SP2 command tokens and a token for possible reinforcements for the Ochori.

In the latter case, after Move One I throw a  1x6D dice at the end of each move. On the throw of a "6" the "reinforcement token" is added to the mix. On the next drawing of this token reinforcements arrive at the board edge at a zone covered by one of the yellow numbers on the sketch map (this location being diced for).

Reinforcements (test with 2x6D) for this scenario may be :

2 or 12: Commissioner Sanders, Captain Hamilton and 12 no. + 4x6D Hausa
police. On a throw of a 6 that group of six police will include a maxim gun.

3, 4, 10 or 11:  Captain Hamilton and 10no. + 4x6D Hausa police. On a throw of a 6 that group of six police will include a maxim gun.

5,6, 8 or 9: Lt. Bones and 4x6D Hausa. On a throw of a 6 that group of six police will include a maxim gun.

7: A regiment of 30 Lesser Ochori Auxiliaries.

I will play the Ochori. Units will obey my orders once activated EXCEPT that the Forest Folk will not voluntarily engage in close combat.

The King's Army has simple orders. Once activated a unit leader will race his unit towards the eastern board edge. If there is a decision needed as to whether to avoid bad going or an enemy unit this will be decided by dice throw.

The King's General's Divisional Commander is in charge of the Reserve (the elite "Blue Eagle" regiment). His main job is to keep this unit in check in case of problems. His decisions are dice-driven, based on ad hoc decision tables based on the situation at the time he is called upon to intervene. 

The Battle: Part 1.

Practically from the get-go the Kings's fighting regiments swept past their rifles and thundered across the field at full speed. Only the reserve held back.


In the centre and on the Right Bosambo boldly threw regiments of his Ochori forward to disrupt the enemy attack, and there was a stiff fight; throughout the battle the Ochori acted with great courage bordering on recklessness - and though the dice were seriously with them - suffered accordingly.....




By about Move four the enemy centre and right were being held, but at a severe cost. Their left advanced, but then the reinforcements were triggered AND the token drawn next Move...

There were few decisions needed by individual units of the great King's forces, apart from avoiding obstacles; move at highest speed towards objectives until Shock/disruption meant any attack would be hazardous, in which case regroup, then try again... Which they did....

Continued in Part 2


  1. Great write up ian.
    I like your force description map as well. Thanks!

    1. Many thanks. It was an interesting clash..


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