Friday, 19 June 2020

Bug Hunt II

Another Trial....

This time things went seriously awry in the Bug Hunt (I played with a few mechanisms re. encounters). 

Angry hostiles: The path is blocked by a group of locals to the number on the card.

The professor may chose to ignore these and force passage. Throw a dice:

1-2 he turns around and goes back the way he came.
3-4 he stands and argues for 1 move, then tests again.
5-6 he pushes past the locals. These angry locals will then follow the party at a distance of 3" for three moves.

If the professor pushes through the locals then any next two cards required by the Event Test will automatically be from the Spades pack.

 As soon as the number of locals exceeds that of the party throw a 1x6d per move. On a throw of 4-6 they attack (unless an "Attack card" has already been drawn in the meantime).

Hassan (the player) can try to prevent the professor alienating the locals by persuading him not to be an ass (taking 1 from the professor's dice throw). The player declares this BEFORE the professor throws - and he can only do that three times per game.

On the game today the party come face to face with h some diminutive Forest Dwellers... The Prof. wasn't going to be stopped by a couple of titchy locals, so pushed his way through....

Unfortunately the party was unlucky re. the cards. MORE locals turned up...Then an "Attack" card.
Sudden morale checks led to initial confusion among the Bug Hunters. 

There was an exchange of fire.

Surrounded, the group were in trouble. Despite shots from the Party the locals retaliated with darts and arrows. One of the constables, the Major and the Colonel went down - the Major being only wounded and pulled to safety out of the forest by Hassan and one of the constables; the party scattering down different jungle paths...

The Professor and one constable managed to outrun their pursuers and get to the camp (it was decided that the forest folk don't leave the forest to go into the spooky ruins) - but only long legs and luck prevented a general massacre....  

A fun, fast-moving exercise this one.. 

I'm still playing with rules - seeking a way of replicating "Decisions" for "AI players" - and didn't use Activation tokens for the Bug Hunting exercises - just good old IgoUgo..... 

The other year I posted about a card-based "Committee/Council" process I have used from time to time. this worked, and was satisfying; but doesn't really work in a fast-moving game with individual decisions being made.  This time I worked with the old dice-led standby of a (modified) 6D test per man, for the Party and per Group for the locals... Not ideal, but it works well enough. 

Watch this space for more messing about....


  1. Looks good and reads well, can't help but feel sorry for poor
    Hassan. Now inspired to play something very similar.
    PS like the new figures.

    1. Cheers..

      A rotten job for Cpl.Hassan; but someone's gotta do it... Personally, I think he deserves promotion...

      The figures came out nicely (the pics don't do them justice); loads of details - many thanks...


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