Thursday, 22 August 2019

Holding Post.....

A Busy Summer....

No recent posts due to work, the reenactment Fighting Season, catching up on some reading, board-game buying, DIY plumbing, heating engineer wrangling and painting getting in the way of playing.

Oh, and guess which idiot who really, really HATES painting horses decided he ought to have some Syrian mounted archer foederati-cum-Parthians - THEN had a guilt-trip over the lead n' plastic-mountain and a load of partially-completed bods and lost a week in "sorting them out in order" and re-boxing (I have gone over to storing my bods in large, Ebay-bought, self-assembly pizza boxes) displacement activity......
Some 25mm Sci-fi bods and more 1/72 North African pirate/badmash types finally finished on the painting front. Some Parthio-Armenio-Syrian types started..  

A bit of progress on the Judean Campaign (with Galilee more or less taken by the Romans), but no battles different enough to be worth writing-up.

Once I get the back broken on the painting I'll get back on the dice....


  1. Glue an upright cork into the middle of the Pizza boxes (or something that is the same height as the outer walls) to stop the lid being pressed in at the middle.
    I´m trying to work out how the parthian shot will defeat the sci-fi bods blasters.

    1. GOOD call..... I've been "scientifically stacking" to help cut down on middle droop, but the cork idea sounds a great solution..

      Ha, ha... Knowing the way many of my sci-fi games go the "Away Team" will still be arguing with the mothership over "First Contact Protocols" while the locals pepper & part company..

      In other news: this season I have been garnering, hoarding and drying the stems from "on the vine" tomatoes to mount & spray as "alien vegetation".. She Who Must Be Obeyed thinks I'm crackers.... :)


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